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covid-19 strikes

Zimbabwe urged to prioritize children as record poverty causes food shortages.

One dollar feeds one child for 2 days

Children need help today.

The lock down prevents access to food.  

  • Population of Zimbabwe: 14.15 million.

  • Most of the people living in Zimbabwe live on less than $1 a day.

  • Zimbabwe is a Developing Country.

  • 3 out of 4 Zimbabweans go hungry every day.

  • 78% of Zimbabweans live in Absolute Poverty.

  • 1 in 4 children are orphaned due to their family having HIV/AIDS.

  • Zimbabwe is the third poorest country in the world.

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Working in partnership with the people who live and work in the informal sector ARE fundamental to the work we do!

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during  COVID - 19

The message is simple. ACT NOW

The children are hungry.

We need to help. 

Zimbabwe is currently on one of the most severe lock downs in the world (including not being allowed outside to exercise).

While so many people around the world are facing the challenge of being ‘locked down’ at home, or under some level of social distancing measures, the reality in Zimbabwe is that for many people their lock down time is not unlike a prison sentence with no food. The informal work sector in the country is vast – people who work for daily or weekly pay, and for whom ‘no work = no pay’ is a stark reality. So a lock down order goes beyond the challenges of just coping with being at home 24/7 and having to school/look after children; it also includes the fear of how will I feed myself and the children with no money. There are some government grants for children and the aged and the disabled; so some will have the small amount of money this provides to live on. However they now have to feed children three meals a day.

Add to this, these families are now sheltering in very cramped quarters 24 hours a day – often eight people in a two room ‘house’ (and far worse in the informal settlements).  The tension and stress in these situations is making the already high domestic violence numbers in the country increase wildly in an already difficult time, and women are resorting to prostitution and the children are picking from garbage's for food.Working through our partners, helps us manage and  arrange the logistics and monitor the impact.

If you would like to help..We know the challenges COVID-19 is placing on everyone. If you feel you are able to donate a small amount (because every little really does count) to help these 500 children and more. 

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act now, feed a child 
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We need to feed children today.


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$1 Feeds a child for 2 days


My name is Rachel Wagner, I am the Director of Food 4 Africa Zimbabwe. I have been a part of the F4A family for years. My background is in business and for the past 5 years I was the CEO of Aubio Life Sciences, a Life Science Company, owned by John Paul DeJoria (Patron Tequila and Paul Mitchell Hair Systems). I have made a commitment to giving back to a country I hold dear to my heart. After spending time between L.os Angeles and South Africa for about 13 years, I found a calling that I can't deny. This organization consists of a small team. We believe every one dollar can actually help. We will start small and build. We will build until we see change.